[Nov. 10 - 12 2017] Railroad Concrète w/ Valeria Merlini aka JD Zazie - sound installation and concerts founded by inm – initiative neue musik berlin at >top Schillerpalais, Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Berlin, exhibition opening: 6 p.m. / concerts: 8 p.m.

Railroad Concrète
Exhibition | Sound Installation | Concert

Sound artists Valeria Merlini and Heidrun Schramm present Railroad Concrète, their new work based
on actual train sounds. Developed in the form of two compositions and a sound installation it desires
to play with noises, inner resonances, sonic landmarks, signals, social sounds and the acoustic qualities of the train stations.

The exhibition will take place from Friday to Sunday and at Top Schillerpalais. Concerts with the new compositions will be held on Friday evening and on Sunday afternoon.

Opening Friday 10th November 6-10 pm,
Concerts start at 8pm
Exhibition Saturday 11th November 2-6 pm
Exhibition Sunday 12th November 2-6pm (Family Day)
Concerts start at 4pm

[Oct. 21, 2017] Duo Schramm / Wiese at SPEKTRUM, Berlin

[09.07.2017] Cantata Profana, Heroines of Sound Festival


[08.12.2016] + [11.01.2017]
word·e·scape - Presentation at Kino Arsenal – Workshop Project w/ Eunice Martins, Laura Mello, Nicolas Wiese

“tuned“ at Festival IMAkusmonium, Wiener Akusmonium, St. Pölten

[March, 15 2016]
Sound Performance, Guitar strings, carton, light sensitive selfmade instrument,
6 p.m. Universitätszahnklinik Leipzig

[Dec, 15 2015]
Tagscape II - Ausstellungseröffnung in der Temporären Galerie Campus Rütli

[Sep, 24 2015]
Sound Installation, Museum im Alten Wasserwerk Friedrichshagen mit Valeria Merlini und Kinder der Ahorn Grundschule

[July, 10 2015]
Premiere of my piece “tuned“ at Heroines of Sound Festival, Radialsystem Berlin

[May, 22 2015]
Workshop-Präsentation "Ohrspiele - Hörspiele", Anna Seghers Schule Berlin

[April, 21 -23 2015]
Exhibition Drei Meter Dreiunddreizig, Nachbarschaftstreff Mittendrin, Berlin

[April, 16 2015]
Artist Talk at ThinkAction Tank

[March, 13 2015]
Girl*s Pong, Computerspiele Museum Berlin

[February, 22 + 23 2015]
tagscape - Exhibition at Quiet Cue Berlin


“Music On A Long Thin Wire”
at University of Arts Berlin, Lietzenburger Str. 45
/ cooperation with Martin Backes and Christoph Illing

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